2020 NFL Flex Rankings

These rankings are generated by a machine learning algorithm you can read about here​​​​​​​

Players needed 2+ seasons to be included in the training dataset (ex. Saquon Barkley). Players needed 1+ seasons to be included in the testing dataset (ex. Josh Jacobs).

These projections attempt to predict how many points each player will actually score next season. This in different from how many points they would score if they were guaranteed to be healthy for all 16 games.
Here are the results of applying the same algorithm retroactively for the 2019 season. These predictions were made using data only from 2018 and seasons prior. The results are then compared to what actually happened in 2019.
Previous rankings:
2019 Week 17
2019 Week 16
2019 Week 15
2019 Week 14
2019 Week 13
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