bluebuntu 19.04
Release History

      - Fixed 'file operations' - > 'new file' menu item error

      - Added 'file operations' section to right-click menu
      - Moved 'new folder' and 'new file' to file operations section
      - Changed 'new file' menu item to use terminal instead of gedit
      - Added 'paste' menu item to file operations section
      - Added file manager Nemo, set as new default file manager

      - Added lxpolkit as SU authentication agent
      - Set SU menu actions to use pkexec over lxterminal
      - Fixed bug causing gedit icon to disappear
      - Renamed some applications in launcher 

      - Renamed some applications in launcher
      - Added higher resolution backgrounds
      - Added all super user menu actions to sudoers list
      - Added time & date, keyboard, and mouse config to settings submenu 

bluebuntu - 07/03/2019 (v1.2): Stable beta release 1.2
 - Set gedit as default .txt MIMEtype over vim
      - Changed panel directory menu to auto-update to current user's home folder
      - Fixed XFCE preferred applications bug

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