bluebuntu 18.04
Release History

      - Added lxpolkit as pkexec authentication agent
      - Set sudo menu items to use pkexec instead of terminal
      - Updated default launcher shortcuts
      - Installed dark theme as default login screen
      - Added high-resolution wallpapers

      - Added "Graphics" and "Development" categories to the launcher
      - Replaced MATE Calculator with Qalculate
      - Modified icons

      - Added FileZilla, Audacity, VLC, Handbrake, Qbittorrent, Claws-Mail
      - Updated default launcher shortcuts
      - Added additional settings managers to right-click menu

      - Removed XFCE window manager settings package
      - Updated panel directory menu to use filesystem root as base directory
      - Swapped xfe for Thunar in the default launcher favorites

      - Fixed SpaceFM overwriting directory MIMEtypes
      - Added MIMEtype default file to be set in system autostart
      - Added sudoers file to "Edit system" submenu

      - Removed extraneous Xubuntu packages (ISO now 1.2 GB vs. 1.5 GB)
      - Set xfe as default file manager for desktop folder shortcuts
      - Removed xscreensaver and updated lock screen command to use display manager tools

      - Initial beta release
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